My creations may contain variations in colors, styles, and technique as these are unique to every crafter. There may be VERY small blemishes, bubbles, dimples, tiny rough spots, etc. 

CUPdates and pictures of the process can be sent to the buyer each step of the way. Once approved to proceed to the next step, this cannot be reversed or changed.

There may be a random speck of glitter on your cup that migrated from myself or another project. I strive for perfection, but I am human and sometimes that is impossible. What I can guarantee is a cup that is as close to perfect as possible. I do not let anything leave my studio that I am not proud of!

Handle your personalized tumbler with care and follow the instructions on the care card. I am not responsible for cups that are dropped, placed in the freezer, microwave, left in a hot car, left to soak in water, put in a dishwasher, or any other situations out of my control that may compromise the integrity of the cup.


Custom Tumbler

  • Hand wash your tumbler quickly under mild to warm running water with a gentle soap (such as Dawn) then wipe away excess water and set it out to dry.


    -Please DON'T soak your tumbler! This could cause the seal to be broken and moisture to form under the topcoat.

    -Please DON'T drop your tumbler or leave in extreme climates! This could crack and/or weaken the topcoat.

    -Please DON'T microwave your tumbler. It is stainless steel and this will destroy your tumbler and microwave.


    Enjoy your tumbler, show it off, and trust it to keep your drinks hot or cold!


    As with all handmade items, small imperfections may be unavoidable. However, your tumbler was made with love and it can last for years with proper care.

  • Returns or exchanges are not offered for; buyer's remorse, ordered wrong size/details/color, improper care, or any reason that we are not responsible for. All handmade items may be subject to tiny imperfections. We will always right a wrong, don't hesitate to reach out.


    All items are photographed prior to shipping.